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Aug. 16, 2021

Begin With Presence

Begin With Presence

Every year millions make resolutions.  Every day we make promises to begin fresh, to start anew.  We make promises to spouses, to children, to God, to ourselves, and the list goes on.  We are very big on beginnings.  Unfortunately, it is the in-between that messes with our fresh beginnings and leaves us with frazzled ends.  

No one begins with failure as a planned outcome.  We don’t begin with the intention of ending in shame, regret, or failure.  So, how do we avoid the negative endings and keep the in-between times in line with our beginnings.

Genesis 1:1 lays then for our success.  “In the beginning God…”  Before we begin any activity we must first begin with God.  Start your day with His word and in His presence.  Before you make that decision, attend that party, associate with that “friend”, respond to your spouse or child, before you do anything begin it with God.  Whatever endeavor you start, be it financial, familial, spiritual, remember—“in the beginning God.”

When we begin with God we don’t have to fear failure.  We don’t have to worry about regrets or shame.  Genesis 1 begins with God and chapter two ends with Adam and Eve in His presence with no shame.  Begin each day, each decision, each moment with God, and trust His character to guide you and you can sit in His presence with no shame.