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Oct. 21, 2021

Infinite: Cradled in Love

Infinite: Cradled in Love

The wonderful thing about infinity is that it is always around.  John tells us that God is love.  This is a statement of being, and because God is also infinite then He is now and always has been love. 

We are confined by time.  We live only in the present.  The past and the future surround us at all times.  Sometimes they can feel like chains tied tightly around our souls.  We can feel the failures of our past slowly crushing us, and producing a fear of the future that leaves us trapped in the present.

God however is not constrained by time.  He is infinite.  Time is neither for or against Him.  He is always love.  When we step into His presence we are stepping into the infinite.  We move beyond the constraints of the past and the future.  We exist only in the moment.

Because God is infinite we will never meet Him in our past, nor will we see Him in the future.  We only know Him now.  What was and what will be only serve as guides to what is.  Because is always love at all times we know that in our past failures, God loved us.  We know that whatever the future holds, God will love us.

What matters right now is realizing that in Him we are loved always.  His love is always around us, transforming our failures of the past into stepping stones of grace for the present, and preparation for the expansion of love into our futures.  In the middle is now, and right now we are cradled in His love.