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Oct. 26, 2021

Infinite: Hide and Seek

Infinite: Hide and Seek

Have you ever felt that God was playing hide and seek with you?  You’re trying your best to find Him, but just when you think you’ve spotted Him he disappears.  Sometimes we get the sensation that God isn’t revealing enough to us.  If only we knew this, then we could proceed with that…

Is it possible that the feeling God is hiding is merely a false sensation created by our finite understanding?  Could it be that God is an infinite being and He isn’t in hiding, but rather there is always more to be known?  Could our perception be skewering reality?

Perhaps those circumstances in life where God seems to be hiding are really opportunities begging for us to exercise our faith and go exploring.  Perhaps difficult times in our lives are a combination of living in a depraved world of our own creation and a not so subtle prompting by God to explore His infinite goodness.  Perhaps it is time we moved from where we are and begin venturing into who He is.

The infinite depths of God’s character are calling for us to begin creating with him.  When we explore God’s character, we always expand ours.  Our ability to be a point of transformation in this world is only limited by our inability to explore the hidden parts of God.  The beauty of an infinite God is that the adventure will never end…and neither will we so long as we continue to explore.