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Oct. 14, 2021

Storms and Anchors

Storms and Anchors

Storms in our emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual life are as inevitable as storms in nature.  They happen.  They can at times be anticipated, but all storms carry with them the unpredictable.  We need an anchor.

If you have ever attended any church you have probably been made aware that you can anchor in God,  but is this enough?  Why is that we who have anchored in Christ sometimes feel as if we are drifting?  Has our anchor slipped?  Has it moved?

An elder in my local church recalled to me an event in his life during his time in the U.S. Navy.  The vessel he was on had dropped anchor during a storm, but still the ship was drifting.  Why?  Had the anchor not done its job?  Upon further investigation it was discovered that the anchor had in fact done its job.  The failure was on the part of the chain connecting the anchor to the ship.

Because we are inherently selfish we too often question the anchor when circumstances aren't seemingly favoring us.  The reality is our anchor isn't budging.  Our burgeoning despondency isn’t an insufficient anchor, but an insufficient chain of connection.

Just as important as having an anchor is having a sufficient chain.  We must periodically stop and check our chain—our  relationship to the anchor.  Take the time to do maintenance and you will find that in Jesus there is an anchor of peace that passes all understanding.  Make sure your connection is strong and then your peace will be sure.