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Aug. 27, 2021

The Journey of Relationship

The Journey of Relationship

God desires relationship.  The Bible begins with a garden of incredible beauty and harmony.  Creation thrives on relationship.  Each part intricately works together making possible the sustenance of the whole.  Man was placed in this garden for the purpose of relationship.  Not only relationship with God, but with all of creation.  God always blesses in the context of relationship.

            Even after man walks away from God, He continues to seek relationship, not for His sake, but for ours.  The call of Abraham that opens chapter 12 of Genesis is driven by relationship.  God calls Abraham to walk with him, to be in relationship with him.  On the surface it looks as if God is calling Abraham out of relationship by telling him to leave everyone behind, but the call of God concludes with a promise of blessing to all the families of the earth.

            God desires relationship, but not just any relationship.  God desires for us to be in a relationship that is life producing, that is thriving, that is alive with beauty and capable of blessing every other relationship.  Sometimes we must sever what is, for what should be.  Abraham was presented with an opportunity to forsake a life made without God, for the possibility of a birthing a new world made with God.  Abraham’s call is our call.

            Will we trust God to lead us out of the self destructive creation of our own hands, through unfamiliar territory, through deserts of our own bad decisions and deceptive behaviors, and through valleys of empty promises?  If we will, we will discover with Abraham that the greatest blessing is not in the promises received at the end of the journey, but in the relationship developed through the journey.


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