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Dec. 2, 2021

The Will of God: Trust

The Will of God: Trust

Finding the will of God can be so frustrating and stressful.  I have recently been pursuing something and I have just now come to a fork in the road.  Two paths lay before me, and I have to choose one to go down.  I woke up this morning and began a conversation with God.  I was asking Him what to do when He responded to me with a simple question...Do you believe I am good?  There is no question in my mind that God is good, so I responded with a yes.  His answer was "Then trust me."


Sometimes we labor over finding God's will when we should be spending more time finding God.  Religion can really mess things up.  It can paint a picture of the will of God that is inaccurate.  We begin to see the will of God as a tight rope to be walked with care, because if you slip and take one little step wrong down you go.


The will of God isn't so much the activities we take part in, but it is being in the right relationship with Him and having the right character.  Paul says in Thessalonians "in everything give thanks for this is the will of God".  Proverbs tells us to "trust in Him and lean not to our own understanding.


My job is really pretty simple.  Love God and do what I want.  Here I am this morning with two paths to choose from and God is telling me to trust in His goodness.  He didn't tell me which path to choose because what is important is that I choose relationship with Him and then I trust Him to be good in whatever direction I set out in.