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Sept. 30, 2021

Vision for the Cause

Vision for the Cause

Vision precedes Cause.  I walked by a child carrying what I thought was a regular old card board box.  I commented to her that it was a cool box, and she looked at me with that "you are so wrong" look that only a little child can give.  She then informed me that it wasn't a box.  It was a truck.

My son has a vivid imagination.  I am sure one day when he begins school I will receive a phone call that goes like this,

Teacher:  "Mr. Johnson, I just thought you should know we have had some problems today with your son."

Me:  "What kind of problems?"

Teacher:  "He won't stop talking."

Me: "With whom does he keep talking?"

Teacher:  "Nobody"

Children have the unique ability to see what isn't there as if it were and not feel guilty about it.  When they commit themselves to the cause of playing not even reality will stand in their way.  This is just another reason why Jesus made the statement that we should be as children to see the kingdom of heaven.

Too often we commit to something but we don't really have the proper vision to guide our commitment.  The result is reality gets in the way.  Bills have to be paid.  Life has to be lived.  Duties and obligations have to be fulfilled.  The yard must be mowed.  Reality obscures our vision for joining the cause of our lives.

The truth is most of the "reality" that gets in our way isn't even real.  It's just a box.  We have to learn to see beyond the box.  The things that we think we have to do that keep us from doing the Thing we think we should do are usually things we really don't have to do.  The world is full of adults who shut their imaginations off and have blinded themselves to a greater vision.  We tend to fall in line with the majority, because let's face it we don't want to be the only child in the room talking out loud to himself.

Be that boy.  Be that girl.  Be the one that sees a spaceship when everyone else just sees a box.  Be the boy who talks to the One no one else can see.  Ignore the expectations of a false reality created by people with no vision.  The world needs us to be willing to see what they won't.  They need us to have a vision for what isn't there.  They need us to bring them out of a meaningless existence into a world where anything can happen.