Welcome to The Broken Journey!
July 31, 2021

Origins Series: Episode 3 Interpreting for Intimacy

Origins Series: Episode 3 Interpreting for Intimacy
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Discipleship is a process, a trajectory of knowing, being, and doing together which shapes us in His image.  This series is a journey into the opening pages of Scripture where we discover in Genesis how creation helps us understand His story while guiding our efforts to become more like Him.  We must trust that Christ’s decision to be openly broken is enough evidence for us to pursue living which models His approach.  We must settle for nothing less than a restoration of the garden.  As Apostolics we approach the Word of God as His very breath in our lungs.  It is His words for our lives and we give it a primary place in informing how we live and be in the world.  Therefore, when we interpret for intimacy we will live in oneness, be restored in salvation, covenanted in community and focused in mission discovering healing for brokenness and a return to relational intimacy with God and others.

Truth must first be interpreted if it is ever to be integrated.  Interpretation is not a choice; it is an inevitability interwoven into every fiber of reality.  When God first spoke in the garden, long before sin and the Fall had entered the picture, the act of interpretation was begun.  Interpretation is the activity which initially engages us in our pursuit of knowing Christ.  In and of itself interpreting another’s words in the search for their meaning is an incredible act of intimacy.  We believe the Bible to be the very words of God for us.  With this in mind it is imperative that we take great care and consideration with how we read Scripture guided by the proper ‘why’ we interpret.