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Dec. 14, 2021

What He Said To The Rose: What Makes Jesus So Special?

What He Said To The Rose: What Makes Jesus So Special?

What makes Jesus so special?

Acts chapter 16 tells an incredible story.  Paul and Silas set off on a missionary journey.  During the early process of this journey they are forbidden twice to go into certain areas with their message.  Then Paul receives a vision of a man in Macedonia pleading for help.  So they go.


They meet Lydia, and she is baptized.  Conversions are happening Lives are being transformed.  And then a woman possessed begins following them around.  Paul casts out the demon, and angers the town politicians because she was their money ticket.  Then he gets himself and Silas beaten and thrown in prison.  That’s a couple of bad days right there.


The original design of God’s creation was infused with His goodness and led to life.  Well, we messed that up, and created our own process.  Then God gave us the law, but it only served to make us aware of the death at the end of our created process.


This is what makes Jesus so special.  God did the most incredible thing.  He inserted himself into our process.  He faced the worst that we could offer…death, and He defeated it and through Him a new process has been instituted.